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My mom would always refer to me as her "Petite Flower" and then point to a collage of images of me from childhood till college and say you are my metamorphosis. In college she would email me a poem about the caterpillar undergoing struggle to become a beautiful butterfly.

In college I read The #Metamorphosis by Kafka and did not understand it one bit. As an adult, one year ago, it spoke to me. Life is full of symbolism what animal(s) are symbolic for you?

Change, transformation, adaptability⠀

We can not ignore what is happening but to embrace it with love and a comforting embrace. Be at peace with what's unfolding.⠀


So beautiful Lori 💙🦋 Thank you for the follow, now following you! 💃

Yess life will change, we will change and we’ll see how we all get out of this...🙏🏻😍❤️💖well and concerning Kafka...😳I studied him for one year back at university 😅😂I think I got my first grey hairs then🤪😅😂😂😂but hugely interesting ✨👏🏻🙏🏻love and hugs my lovely Lori

❤️❤️Your mom

I would say it's an ever ending story, change, mutation, is a constant in life for all of us.🙏

Beautiful artwork 💙 birds are very symbolic for me. I love to watch & listen to them. They symbolize freedom to me. I feel trapped and almost claustrophobic at times.

Now that’s what I’m talking about ! 👌🏻


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