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Reminds me of ...

What thoughts titles or ideas come to mind for you?


I love this Lori ❤️❤️ Beautiful contrast between simplicity and detail

We are all connected to each other 👏👍👌❤️Together we are strong.

Gosh it’s quite emotive I think this Lori...I see unification and strength x🤗

Love this Lori. I see from this that even though things are dark right now that we are still connected 💛

Woooow wow wow !!!! This painting is breathtaking but also sad... it reminds me on the corona virus and your strokes should maybe represent all people who died or who are infected. A great painting!! Maybe you call it „pandemic“. Lovely greetings ❤️ Eva

Connections! 🖤

Those look like words...

How about...”Illuminated Thoughts” or “Dancing Light” ... beautiful as always! 💛✨

Star Gazing

A prisoner marks his time. "Contact Tracing"

This reminds me of beautiful birch bark...

Parchment message

Constellations are not binary.

Beyond binary structure.

Binary universe.


Love this 🖤

Time and space

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