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​Marks 4 Their Lives

Global Art Initiative




today: 43,842 marks



Mailed in submissions will be sewn together to create a quilt, a celebration of life.

Click each image to learn more about the story behind some of the artworks already received.

Marks 4 Their Lives

Celebrate oneness & individualism through art and remembrance

With just about 30 minutes

YOU can create an artwork

to add to the international gallery.



This short yet mindful art experience will work for anyone, regardless of art experience. We encourage you to participate and to send a copy to us for inclusion in the gallery. Here’s how.

For this art submission, you are invited to make a mark for each year of your life. If you are 12, make 12 marks 40,40 marks. You may choose to do that number over and over, repeatedly.  In making the marks you are not only celebrating your own existence but you are also honoring the 1.5 million children whose lives were taken in the Holocaust. We all have a child within us, one that wants to be recognized and not forgotten.


As you are making your art Consider these questions.

 How are going to make a mark on the world?


As you make each mark you can reflect on your life year by year. What memories pop up? With compassion, go through the film real as you play the movie of your life. Memories come in all forms, positive, negative. When you reflect in this way you reflect in ways you didn’t know are still in you. This art-making experience may conjure uncomfortable thoughts. Honor them, hold them gently and move on. The community is here to help you if you need. Just ask.


When we participate in self-reflection it ripples out affecting our world in positive ways.  The community is brought together through the art process, to show we are one. Because it is meditative, we are calming universal anxiety.

At the bottom or back please put (your name/anonymous, your age, and total lines)

Then mail your small sketch or project any size or material to me.

Together we can make a difference on a global scale.


Join us!  Follow #marks4theirlives


We are United in our differences and similar in our truths. Bridging the Gap between cultures, geography, and lifestyle. Bringing awareness to end genocide.

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