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Whether you're interested in creativity coaching, seeking to learn new painting techniques, wanting to release stress or anxiety, or an institution looking for creative team-building there is a workshop for you!

Offering virtual art classes for teens.

Coaching and Classes

“A typical day with you is filled with experimentation, productivity, and manifestation of wonderful ideas, thoughts, purposes and dreams."

Anonymous Student

Gift Certificates

Art is a tool to discover more about ourselves and each other deepening our understanding as we relate to the world. Everyone has the ability to express themselves through art.


The act of creative expression and play builds confidence and self-esteem.

​Art is freedom! It allows us to explore, experiment, and follow our intuition. I offer a friendly, peaceful environment where we can comfortably try new things, speak, and embrace our truths. We stretch our minds in ways we may never have imagined. In the art process we rise above obstacles, transform negativity, and become resourceful. These creative problem-solving skills transfer in all parts of our life. The journey is just as important as the destination.

In addition to creative workshops and the #Marks4TheirLives global art initiative, I offer engaging and inspiring school presentations, personal and professional development workshops, and keynotes.

Please feel free to call with any questions.

Telephone: 954.600.7222

Selected Praise

“You have the gift of connection, that transcends culture and languages."

Roseprimevere Jacques/ Artist

I know Lori as an amazingly talented artist and dedicated educator. She is a passionate professional who has a natural knack for creative ideas to help children and teens explore their innermost potential. I give my highest recommendation for anyone who is considering working with her.

Dr. Khia Thomas/ Admissionisms/ Education Consultant

"His time with you is an amazing opportunity to get lost in perspective and surroundings.'

Adam Lucks/ Parent

"You have shown me that art is not just about drawing something onto a piece of paper. It is about much, much more. From you I have learned that art is about telling a story; about releasing your emotions and expressing your feelings. It has given me a completely new perspective and a deeper connection to my artwork. I look forward to sessions with you each and every week because I always know that I will come out of it feeling lighter and happier. I learn so much about myself when I am with you and I look up to you so much. You are a spectacular teacher and person. I am so grateful that we have come into each other’s lives!!

Rachel/ High School student

“A typical day with you is filled with experimentation, productivity, and manifestation of wonderful ideas, thoughts, purposes and dreams."

 Middle School Student

"We learned so much from each other and I grew up in my childhood with a very special person as my mentor. Both of us have been through hell and back in life and art has always been there to help us along the way and take our minds off the bad things. Thank you for everything you did for me and for your Posnack students, you had a huge impact on my life and my interest in architecture that will last a lifetime."

Daniel Farji/ High School Senior

mentored for 7 years

"You have the courage, creativity, strength, and humbleness that I can only hope our daughters (and daughters everywhere) somehow learn/discover within themselves to navigate this interesting world!!!"

Carissa Cook Duemig/ Mom

"There was a mentorship there; I was never easy to work with, I know that, but you never stopped guiding me in life and art. You nursed that passion and made sure I held on to it."

Topaz Cohen/ High School Senior

mentored for 7 years

"Lori has an endless energy, which she taps into every day to deliver a creative and innovative curriculum to her students."

Sandra Traub/ High School Teacher

"You never judge me, you always listen, and have always mentored me through it all."

Middle School Student

"As a side effect of the exercise, I got this cool idea and realize now that I still want to be able to build my ideas effortlessly. And so I still have direction in my life. It's something else that was tangled in there. So thank you again. l I'm still me."

Anonymous/ IT Programmer

"Your classes have changed the way I look at art and I can't thank you enough for making my four years of high school amazing."

Zachary Stauber/ High School Senior

mentored for 3 years

My daughter & her friend keep talking about how much fun their lesson was at Lori's studio. There's an abundance of creativity, play, acceptance, joy, & peace. My daughter stopped going to school because she was being bullied. These lessons have done wonders for her well-being & she looks forward to them each week. They do guided meditation and laugh!! It's more than just art - there's healing & love - good vibes everywhere!!! I'm so thankful

Keren / Mom

Awaken Your Soul Certified Healer Medita
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