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About the Artist

I am an artist, therapeutic art coach, and lightworker guiding teens and our community through personal journeys of self-discovery and, often, the discovery of their own talents. My passion to create mixed-media art and photography – and to help others bring out their own inner artists - has led me to teach in NYC and South Florida schools and community spaces for 20 years.

​Whether finding personal expression in art or helping students do the same, I try to offer a positive, energetic perspective.

I’ve been pursuing my artistic muse since childhood.  Later in life, I discovered that artistic expression could be a tool to heal. In college, I used art to work through the anger and pain of my Mom's death. Later on, after the difficult birth of my child, I used art to sort through the emotional challenges and creative shutdown that followed. It was then that I was affected most profoundly by its power to heal. And it was then that I started teaching others how art could be used for healing in stressful situations. And how it can actually promote inner happiness and well-being.

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What folks are saying

"Your karma is light of education"

Freddy S. from  The Brooklyn Cafe Show

"I’ve had a long week, it’s nice to hear from you. You’re a calming light"

-Lindsay Neagle (Scout & Cellar Manager and Mom)

"Watching you paint is like therapy."

-Elisabeth Hecknoel (artist)



"Lori Arbel demonstrates compassion and forward-thinking through her intricate art and perspective. From her project “Marks 4 Their Lives,” where each individual line represents the life of a child lost during the holocaust, to her work focused on spirituality and mental health, Lori makes a mark to heal wounds, uplift energies, and challenge stereotypes. She is truly an inspiration, touching the heart of communities around the world."

-Anelle Valdes

"I watched your live video with you saying how beautiful the sounds of the bugs were and Ms. Arbel you honestly made me cry... I miss your beautiful energy which was very healing- and still is."

-Dakota Ross/Former Art Student, Agriculturalist

"I love your business. You have always been a pioneer of the arts and have a kind and patient heart for the kids. So happy for you."

-Owner at Sweet Settlements

“Lori is a remarkable talent who employs a dramatic way of creating her art. She doesn’t use an easel, but instead, she lays the surface on the table of her studio, constantly moving around it, working from each side and angle until the artwork is complete. Creating in this manner allows her the freedom to engage in the piece in its entirety and not from just one perspective.

Phyllis Korab, Cultural Affairs Director

Thank you for appreciating and understanding my art at the PBWS exhibit. I loved seeing your comments. They were expressed so beautifully and poetically.


Eileen Shaloum

There is a beautiful aura that surrounds Lori reflecting a sense of
inner calm, spirituality, and positivity. 

Bennett Bramson

I feel so proud to say I know and have met you. That I carry a part of your light with me for enlightenment in my life!

Mark Sater

The Studio provides inspiring, interactive experiences in which art is central to shaping minds and enriching our community.  The studio is a place that celebrates the creative process, nurtures the individual spirit, and welcomes fresh perspectives. It's a place where you'll find the space and time to dream and the resources to bring your ideas to life.


Teaching artist Ms. Arbel promotes an understanding of art and the world through an engaging curriculum that build skills, develops aesthetic analysis and promotes creativity through discussions and experience. She inspires participants to become life-long learners and lovers of art. She helps our students stop and notice the beauty that exists around them.


Students & clients showcase their works and win awards locally and nationally including the prestigious Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and online during the Global Day of Jewish Learning event through RAVSAK to name a few.

Awaken Your Soul Certified Healer Medita

Lori is so magical she is so in tune and present with each person she sits with. She is a space holder and so valuable to work with because of the insights and truth that are presented through her.


She is always honest and in the moment with her thoughts, with her stories, with her support. She wants to bring forward a perspective that is now, and a perspective that elicits shifts and changes in her participants' hearts and minds and it allows for expression to be full and exquisite.


The first time I met Lori there was so much joy and so much pleasure and play in her spirit that it just drew me to her, I think there is so much beauty and power in her playfulness. And that comes through in her teaching and when she's in group settings.

-Elyze Falzone, Healer | Spiritual Life Coach | Speaker | Creator of Certified Healers Course | Retreat Facilitator

Lori is a very talented artist and creative who brings a vibrant joyful energy to all she does. It is in the beautiful way she approaches life, even when faced with obstacles and challenges. She approaches her creative work with the same inspiring energy, curiosity and fearlessness. Her warm caring and generous nature are immediately I found out the first time I met Lori, through an amazing community of artists, writers and makers. She welcomed me in and put me at ease...right away I felt as if we'd known each other for many years.

-Chantal Wolf, Artist

Lori is incredible to work with. She has an openness that allows her to understand and facilitate what is the best approach for each individual that she teaches. Lori has a true passion for teaching - she shares her knowledge and skills generously and authentically. When Lori teaches it is as though she knows exactly what you need to learn and the best tools to support you. She honors each individual with whom she interacts, and she enriches lives through her positivity and presence.  

-Heide Enzmann, Artist

 Lori is a great collaborator. Having had the chance to work with her myself, I would say that it was always a pleasure and she makes processes feel at ease and enjoyable. Lori has a way of getting the best out of you and truly enhances your creative experience with her warm attitude and thoughtful insights. Lori has a unique ability to communicate energy in her work. If you have the chance to work with her, be open-minded. Lori is a great teacher and will help you get your ideas flowing so that you can start creating

-Benjamin Sugar, Artist

Lori always surprises me in the most delightful, insightful, and inspiring ways. There is always a positive surprise, gift rather, that reaches out in a thought-provoking manner.

-Rafa M.

Lori's been a creative coach and artistic guide to me.  First in-person in S. Florida and then remotely (I live in LA). Her insights into navigating the weird/special/scary space between my imagination and mental blockages helped me start creating again with more joy and less tension.  


With an intuitive ability to connect with others, Lori is incredible both in person and over Zoom.  She is engaged but never judgmental and I always feel energized after our convos and exercises (mostly talking, some drawing, almost all related to the internal).  I am also happy she's never bored when I share, but it's more of a two-way street, I can emotionally understand her life lessons.


We usually do a session every week or two.  They always feel like meeting an artist who knows how to communicate (rarer in this world than you would think). Lori has walked the path and is now able -- and good at -- helping others in the same.  


-Yatin P.

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