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virtual & in-person for moms & young adults

Art Classes, Coaching, & Workshops

Think of coaching like a road trip. You might start with a plan of where you want to go and how you'll get there, but along the way, you might take detours, stop at interesting places, or change your route based on what you need or want at the time. Coaching isn't just a straight line from point A to point B. It's more like a journey that changes and adapts based on your needs, what parents and the community care about, and what teachers think is important. It's all about staying flexible and responsive to everyone involved.

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Awaken Your Soul Certified Healer Medita

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High School Student

You've taught me so much not only about art but expressing myself and my ideas. You always have a smile on your face, and that makes me excited to learn and do art!

Middle School Student

I always come out of my comfort zone when working with you, and you teach me new strategies and techniques that I otherwise wouldn’t have known


You have an amazing energy and an explosive beyond words creativity!


Candice Rowe

Sweet Settlements LLC

I love your business. You have always been a pioneer of the arts and have a kind and patient heart for the kids.

William Freund


Founder of fStop Foundation

Thank you for everything that you do for all of our children.  I find it mind boggling what you can teach and generate out of these students.  It is a true testament to your passion and your ability as a teacher. 

"You never judged me, you always listen, and have always mentored me through it all."


HS Teacher

I want you to know that the years I spent working with you were the best, most productive time, and highlight of my career.

HS Student

You are the first ever teacher to say something nice about my drawings. And that actually told me to enter the art competition!!  For me it felt like you could see what I was trying to express through the drawing

You are so special to us- not only because you are so creative and have amazing passion for your work...but also because you have that special ability to ignite the artist in ALL of your students.

Lee Lee

National Gold
Key Winner
HS student

"Confidence, thinking outside the box !!!, the process of coming up with the concept and ideas of artworks, expressing myself through art, and cool artists!!

Debbie Hockman

Cultural Arts/ Adult

Programs Director

Abigail C.

HS student

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