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I am an artist, creativity coach, and teacher devoted to creating art that’s distinctive and life-affirming, and that can hopefully help us discover more about who we are, and who we can be.

My passion to create innovative mixed-media art and photography – and to help others bring out their own inner artists- has led me to teach in NYC and South Florida schools and community spaces for 18 years.

Read more about my journey and follow my blog here.

chantal wolf age 58 marks x2
alana Garrigues  ofloveandlight 41

Marks 4 Their Lives

Global Art Initiative

Our mission: To celebrate oneness & individualism

through art and remembrance.


YOU can create artwork

to add to the group quilt.

today: 15,527 marks

​Follow us #marks4theirlives

Learn more here

10 ashley
LORI ARBEL-Thought Patterns Exhibition
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