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A Foggy Day

Updated: May 21, 2019

Just unearthed this gem. "Lost in a Fog," from my series "Spring in Suburbia." So happy to say things are much clearer now! See the full series, purchase prints or originals.

You need to relate.  It turns out that a life of isolation and alienation, even a highly creative one, must breed depression by virtue of the fact that human meaning and human intimacy are intertwined.  

and "A Clear Day," from my series "Spring in Suburbia."

My photo-montage series "Life in Suburbia" honors the beauty within my surroundings while suggesting an inner psyche using displaced self-portraits. This series helps celebrate life while clearing blockages. Art used as a tool for self-expression can create positive shifts for one’s self that can ripple out into society. She is an advocate for art as a tool for positive mental health.

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