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Last night I had a #dream of a large sperm whale in my backyard lake. This isn't the first time I've had a whale in my backyard, the last was when I was in elementary school and a killer whale was there:-) Luckily I ran to safety just as the whale jumped into my pool and was coming to get me. Maybe that happened because I had been to SeaWorld prior :-) Back to this beautiful #whale. She was a #symbol of peaceful strength, #rebirth and wisdom. When looking up sperm whale meanings online this came up too, untapped resources within, connection with spirituality, a message of #healing, community connector, keeper of history and inner #truth...and making space to give birth to your fullest expression and flowing creativity. There are so many #lessons and truths in our #dreams. I would say this is certainly all on my mind:-) Your drawing skills shouldn't stop you from expressing yourself. This is clearly not a work of art, but I was able to relive the dream through spending time with my #sketch. Cheers to Pinocchio and MobyDick who also chanelled this great creature for it's wisdom.

We would love to see your dreams and the #interpretations you find... It'll inspire someone else to share and reflect.

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