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Fear's Potential

I was reminded of

power today, in my art collective.⠀ "Evil Spirits," part of the Healing Collage series, was created in the midst of starting my exciting new venture, teaching art from home and working as an artist. Excited yes! but still hearing unworthiness voices and a lack of respect from a group of people. Those negative comments from my previous job year crept back into my psyche. ⠀ Art allowed me to get it out!⠀ I was reminded that fear and negative unserving characters are always nearby, real, on our shoulders, or pushed away. They are there. The question I like to ponder is about our will to listen to those #voices with love, gain the lessons, but not let them take over, keep going.⠀ Out with the old (negative nasty unserving) and on to the (fabulous and wonderfully amazing world and me and You!) And this post's placement in my feed has frustrating irony. I like organizing the layout. This image was supposed to be posted another day but it's urgency told me to do so. Looking at my feed I don't like the placement:-) that color next to the other. You can't control everything:))) I'm happy I shared as I know this feeling #resonates with many at some point. "Dreams coun; the Spirits have pitied us and guide us" - Cree Indians . . . . #loriarbelart #neutral #devils #spirits #negativity #haunting #vessel #nearby #shadows #evil #negative

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