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From a Distance

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Just the other day I was driving and singing Bette Midler's song From a Distance. My creative enactment truly reflects Dr. Eric Maisel's statement which I'm reading now. "A song of peace sung in a dark coffee house may well not stop the killing in a faraway land. If you are real, you know how long those odds are. At the same time, you must act as if what you are doing will have real effects, even though you know it may not."

I will continue to sing this song deep in my soul. I keep hearing this song almost as a mantra, to do the best I can, make a small but rippling difference. It still rings true. In support of my dreams I will share what I want to do with more and more people in my action to call to action. That is guiding teens on their journey of self-discovery using art as a medium. Shining the light on our teens and their gifts. Being a shoulder, a mentor, a positive force.

I even made a piece about this song 20 years ago in college, the same age as my dear students now:-)

"From a distance you look like my friend even though we are at war" "From a distance there is harmony and it echoes through the land"

From a distance in my artwork there is a flag, or landscape, in harmony, peaceful, but up close...there is war.

Though in my garage, which may seem hidden, not important, this would be the contrary. I see this work daily. I love this piece. I love my garage. Full of nostalgia, in homage to my dad and all the wonderful memories we had and still have in there. Organized chaos!

Make art inspired by a song. Share it with me! with us!

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