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I Call her Queen Bee

I call her Queen Bee⠀ What many don't know is that she was created within one hour and intuitively while sitting in my daughter's art class, 6 years ago Mr. Jeremy let me sit and do my thing, starting our friendship.⠀ As for the muse, it was a doll that was given to me as a family relic. When my mom died I had a new vintage doll collection. These were very special not only for their artistry but because they were gifted to my mom from her world traveling, travel agent, aunt... a little glimpse into my #wanderlust heart and travel bug ❤️:-)⠀ The moment I painted this doll my heart said mom. She was a queen! She was a powerful strong willed women and would do anything for her family.⠀

Do you have any stories about beauty?⠀ When I was growing up it was hard to see my mom's beauty. She was tough, tall, great posture, and loved to wear 80s shoulder pads, and wasn't into fashion. ⠀ That was the opposite of #beautiful to my childhood definition. But I did love my #mom and wanted to share everything with her, as I did. ⠀ Thinking about it I did, notice her big and radiant smile.⠀ She was beautiful! ⠀ Now that I'm older I realize our ideas of #beauty can be complicated and affected by many #stories.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ @lytle4715 #queenbee #queen #lace #mother #vintagedolls #dolls #acrylicpainting #painting #familyrelic #relic

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