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Inspiring Lines: #1 get out the ink

Today I honor the gifts of INSPIRATION & FRIENDSHIP. You never know when gifts like these will drop into your life.

Thank you Carrie Baker Mangoubi for taking time to research fun events for us to do together, while visiting you in Chicago some time ago. We went to an art workshop, when I visited you some time ago. We were instructed to scribble and use ALLLLL the pen ink onto our 8x10 paper as a welcome exercise. This activity was a pivotal moment, the inspiration for my mark making series, claiming that I AM in fact A MARK-MAKER. A conceptually loaded expression.

The series that followed "ME" illustrates deep thoughts that need to be released but hard to decipher to the eye. Personal stories or interpretations may be conjured from the viewer. I utilized the same fast paced flowing lines of the above exercise, now cursive writing, layers upon layers, to add meaning to this Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon.

Using my son's discarded homework, my obsession (well passion for recyling:-) I continue to release the thoughts that are no longer serving me. Recycling saves energy, being a mom, being resourceful when you are tired takes energy. Like other eco-artists I've taken recyclables and turned them into art. Transforming negative thoughts into interesting works of art.

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