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Let's do a Zoom class

I can't even draw a straight line 😩

Does this sound familiar?!!🤔 If so, then use a ruler...


Or I used to love art but...

1 not as good as the others

2 What if my art looks crazy? or ugly!

3 What if I make a mistake

If these are the thoughts that float around in your mind...I want you to know this is normal. I feel this all the time and still show up to make.

Keep in mind ugly art can be very therapeutic, majority of people are still figuring out the language of art. Don’t let the anxiety, disappointment, and frustrations stop you.

Yes, I've been making art since I was a little girl, but It wasn’t until I learned to master creative anxiety with Dr Eric Maisels did the weight lift that I felt comfortable in showing up more often in my art practice- If there is anxiety without the making and in the making then you might as well show up...can be applied to all disciplines and interests.

so I want to share that with you! it's still a work in progress but I'm producing more now then ever and it feels amazing!!!!! Here are a few tips for creating art, putting your inner critique as your cheerleader

1 Tell yourself it's just like the gym, you have to stretch before you can do your best...make ugly art, make simple art, just make, you will get better

2 Always be kind to yourself and proud of yourself for showing up bravely to make art

3 your art is an expression of yourself...raw authentic perfectly imperfect you will surprise yourself, it will feel good to express while you are lost in the process,don't be concerned about the final product just yet...unless you are ready then we can talk about that too. BE PATIENT art is a real language to learn like Spanish or Russian.

Please doodle, paint, take photos, build something or be creative with clay. Remember, you don’t have to be the next Picasso.

You have to be you.

Words to live by...”without struggle there’s no progress!” - FD

Let’s chat!👇🏾Let's zoom you an I, or with your children. (Don’t be shy ☺) Message me if you want to schedule an online class.

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