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My Art Library: Selection #3 Osmosis

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Why is it that I collect and collect reading materials, I have stacks in all parts of the house, beside my bed, and yet I've only read a few pages of each.

I do believe in osmosis. I honor the pages, the paper, the texture, the words, the artists intent, the writers intent.  I used to always say "I don’t read," like a broken record. And then share "I remember reading Roald Dahl books from cover to cover within one day or two." I was an avid reader and then I just stopped…well stopped for at least 30 years. A few years ago I went to a hypnotherapist to help me in this area, I think a slow drip process has begun to work, I am grateful. Loving my Panda Planner to help me focus and set goals to incorporate these finds into my daily practice.

Can anyone relate? On any level?;-)

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