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My Art Library: Selection #4

Updated: Jan 25, 2019


Who wants to join me?

This beautiful book by Julia Rothman supports my vision. I would love to have some art buddies come over my house and we'll sit around my wooden table. I have all the supplies we'll need. Just bring some wine, cheese, fruit, vegetables. Let's ignite our senses. I have wonderful oils too, I'll light a candle to set our ritual of friendship and art exploration. You don't have to think your art is great though your talent is welcome! Just be you and enjoy each other's presence. Let's just doodle, Keep your creation or donate it to the recycle bin. Art for arts sake. Zone out and enjoy process.

We can make this happen!!!!!! I can organize it. Reach out to me I'll make a Facebook group and we can pick a date. Once a week? once a month? There can be two groups:-) We can have one online!!!!! Different locations! We can Zoom or Facebook live together while creating.


You can purchase the book too!

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