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The Day I Shaved My Head

I've been a teaching artist for 17 years now and I am shifting towards online teaching so that I can be home with my family.

I'm also a world traveler, starting at the age of 8. At this moment I began my deep connection to learning about other cultures, our similarities, and differences. I would play teach in my room to all the different learners. I've been a photographer since high school. This passion continued into college. I decided to shave my hair off as a symbolic gesture to see if locals from other countries would allow me to take pictures of them. New friends would always touch and look at my hair on previous trips as they had predominately brown/dark hair. Would this physical change of appearance without my blond hair work? Of course it did:-)

I SEE big things in my future, traveling abroad with students/ learners... I just don't know how:-) I'll figure it out! and will enjoy the ride along the way towards clarity!

That was a glimpse into this part of the story: I was on Semester at Sea, a 100 day study abroad program. There are classes on board, field trips and volunteer work options when we dock. The day we crossed the Equator we had no class. You are supposed to kiss a fish or shave your head in celebration of this day-long ritual. Of course I planned to kiss a fish, I'm a girl I love my hair. While documenting the event for my photo class, I thought about the above experience with my family. Thoughts flashed in my mind to do it or not. Yes this would be the final stamp declaring that I was in fact a kind & talented photographer that loves to learn about others using my unique perspective not just my blond hair.

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