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The Last Butterfly

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Honoring Rachel's interpretation of the poem I Never Saw Another Butterfly by Pavel Freidman & the Terezin Concentration. This young artist is so intellectual & deep. I love mentoring this talented young lady!

By learning from the past, we enrich our future. History and experiences can become more than just testimonials and facts. They can serve as sources for mapping your and our nation’s future. The stories of Holocaust survivors are rich with lessons and inspiration.

Florida middle and high school students, with the support of their teachers and parents, are invited to participate in the annual Holocaust Reflection Contest sponsored by the Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, Inc. and hosted by Nova Southeastern University. Students begin by selecting a quotation or survivor's story that inspires them, then submit their reflection in the form of an original essay, a poem, a short film, or an art piece.

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