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We Are Here for Each Other

What happens in my world today at this very moment is quite different than yours?⠀ But the knowing that we all experience love light and loss makes us united.⠀ This morning I dropped off my son at elementary school and the staff handed lollipops to the drivers. Out of no where tears poured from my eyes. I didn't realize how emotional I was for this day, February 14th which marks two years from the MSD shooting, in our community. It's so easy to pretend that you're not part of something. But also so beautiful to realize we are not alone we are part of something so much bigger. ⠀ We are here for each other that's why we were put on this Earth.⠀ Thinking of all the children and adults that lost their lives in this shooting, and others that lost their lives too soon all over the country and world.⠀ My heart thinks of each of you and your families.⠀ #neverforget #marksfortheirlives #honorourlives #msd #unite #love #paim #Support #community #communication #actsofkindness

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