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Thought Patterns

A mixed-media collection that is as distinctive as they are life-affirming.

This collection explores the inner psyche including the monotonous tasks of everyday life.  Using marks and a reduced, neutral palette, I delve into thought patterns to question how we connect, respond, and make our mark on the world while embracing emotional introspection for content; creative expression as dialogue.  Black pen and ink lines along with geometric shapes express visual patterns, as energetic and meditative renderings. The imperfections of the handmade paper and pop of gold illustrate metaphor, transforming sometimes negative energy into something positive and beautiful.

Commissions are welcome to meet your color needs.

To purchase originals, prints, and products please visit my shop.

Interested in learning more about my art process? I invite you to visit my blog.

"I remember meeting you in your home and seeing that explosion of creativity, with all those hidden messages, like feelings you cannot put words to, and you don’t need to! They bypass logic going straight to your hand and into paper. As complex as it is, I love seeing that circle of gold, telling us that everything will be OK. The circle in unity and in perfect balance, shining gold, like our inner child embracing us…"
Curator of the Solo Show Juliana Forero

 "There always seems to be an energetic shift inherent in what you do... so much movement to the way your marks... which are often dark and could read heavy... so often incorporate gold or wild movement or lightness... like you shift the meaning of any mark or object in the way you work with it. There is nothing static in your work. It's always alive, in a state of transformation, revealing both traces of what it's been and what it becomes... I have no idea if that makes sense, but it's like you transmute and transform symbols and energies on the page, which I believe must tie very closely into your personal spirituality and your life journey." Alana Garrigues

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