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Updated: Jun 25, 2019

When thinking about journaling you may want to find a stack of paper, simple book, or beautifully crafted journal.⠀I love finding a new ones just like when a crystal calls to me or I'm attracted to a particular object. The pages, the cover, the texture, the endless possibilities and dreams. A fresh new beginning a new chapter that is ready to be written. Commit to three pages. #Juliacameron calls them morning pages. You can use it as a brain dump, or have a bit more order. Possible inclusions: write three things you are grateful for externally, three things you are grateful about yourself. Get out your woes. Free write. Talk to yourself in a loving manner, how proud you are of yourself. And game plan your day.⠀ #habits #morningpages #mindfulness #gratitude #journaling #beautifuljournals #mindsetreset

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