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Music add Meaning

🎶 Music adds meaning to life and elevates your mood.

Presenting “Notes & Keys II” // 25x33" // $1100 mixed media on paper

Feel the sense of soothing tunes or passionate sounds with a canvas print infused with this intention. Add an abstract, contemporary touch to your space with a geometric print. The Thought Patterns collection is sophisticated and ultra-sexy and ideal for any interior. Super versatile and easy to blend with your existing décor, explore the geometric art series. Find your perfect piece of modern art with clean lines and eye-catching shapes.

Go for art with 𝒈𝒐𝒍𝒅! This precious metal signifies extravagance, wealth, and abundance. Bring gold art into your home or office, to welcome prosperity and make the entire space more luxurious. I invite you to purchase your very own original here

✨Order your copy of Thought Patterns: Art & Poetry series here

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