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Art & Healing Workshops

In life, the journey is just as important as the destination. Keep exploring during these times at home.⠀Art is freedom! Because it allows us to explore, to experiment, and to follow our intuition…and that builds self-esteem! Facing creative challenges allows us to stretch our minds and our horizons in ways that we may never have stretched them before. Surmounting these challenges shows us that we can be resourceful, persistent, and creative in the face of challenge! ⠀

Get lost in art making. It can fill some time in your day, take you to another world, help improve your mood, or just be a fun outlet. If you, a teen, or child have creative energy and a desire to learn ... I have openings for new private art mentoring live through the internet.⠀


I love guiding participants as they create works that are expressive, reflect their inner world, the strength of their ideas, with an understanding of art knowledge and other creative outlets.⠀


“A typical day with you is filled with experimentation, productivity and manifestation of wonderful ideas, thoughts, purposes and dreams."- student



"I have begun to see the world differently after seeing the images you share and speak of. " -student



I've worked in NYC & Broward County public/ private schools, and community spaces for 18 years as a certified art teacher. Learn more, link in profile or message me for details.

1:1 $60⠀⠀⠀

2 students $40 each

3 students $35 each

👏👏 that's so awesome. Wish would have art classes through out school. I can only remember like a year or two of it. Some kids arent meant to be astronauts...they are meant to artists!! 💞

Beautiful Lori absolutely stunning ♥️♥️🌟

Great idea!! Lets stretch! 💪

Literally we are on the same wavelengths this is why I was talking to a peer about the other day- using this time to experiment and evolve even further 👏🏻

Awesome!! You are a wonderful teacher and a great artist ❤️👏

Awesome! Wish you much success. I know your students will love you and will love your classes ❤️

So true and so eloquently and beautifully said!! ✨⠀⠀


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