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Collaborating with my daughter

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

It's so special to work alongside my daughter. Cherishing this time with her and that she is interested in collaborating. We are creating an artwork that will be sold as a fundraiser for folks affected by Corona. Thank you @chenbittonartgallery and @paintingpicnik for creating the beautiful Q. U. A. R. A. N. T. I. N. E project and inviting me to join as a mother daughter team.


Beautiful I adore this 😘

🙌 We are excited to see your joint beautiful artwork 🖼 alongside all 7 others including “yours truly” making a difference through the arts 🎭 for those affected by the Covid virus 🦠 🙏 #quarantine art project

elisabethhecknoel What a lovely project dear Lori🤩😍👍🏻so wonderful to have this special bond with your daughter 😍

bon_artevents That the best kind of team! ❤️

Fabulous mom and daughter collaboration to create beautiful artwork and raise much needed funds ❤️

Nothing like a mother and daughter team 🖼 we are scouting for funding opportunities of those afflicted with Covid19 through art sales of the #quarantineartproject! please feel free to make comments of any sort of foundations serving those affected. Oh how wonderful! Isn’t it amazing how such beautiful things are coming out of this sad situation ❤️

fatima.ribeiru Lovely 🌺🌺🌺work from the heart💓

So sweet and beautiful ❤️

eva_elas Ohhhhh nothing can be more nice than working together with your child 😍😍😍! Beautiful 👏


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