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Culture Builds Florida

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Culture Builds Florida is a campaign to develop unified awareness for Florida’s cultural community. Led by the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, the campaign will grow public understanding about the comprehensive benefits of arts and culture to Florida.

Arts and culture make substantial contributions to livability in Florida. The cultural industry puts Floridians to work, stimulates tourism and provides accessibility to quality community services that attract skilled workers. It’s an industry that provides jobs, highlights the diversity of our communities and residents, creates connections to our history and heritage and reminds us that Florida is a special place to live and work.

The arts and cultural industry means business. The arts and cultural industry have an annual impact of $3 billion in the state of Florida, and arts and cultural experiences contribute to a better life for Floridians and visitors to the Sunshine State. With a $5 to $1 return on investment for state dollars, arts and culture are an excellent investment. Visitors to our state and residents alike make important contributions to our economy by supporting and consuming art and culture. And beyond the dollars and cents, the cultural industry makes for happier, healthier Floridians and visitors.

Join us as we campaign to make more Floridians aware: Culture Builds Florida.

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