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Healing Mandalas

I lead a #mandala #art class at #EaglesHaven , a great time for reflecting and relaxing. ❤️ You are all invited!⠀

I created this 2017 piece while in career transition (and spiritually lost.) Thank you Genie Appel Cohen for hosting a class at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, when I was reintroduced to this beautiful art tool.

Mandalas are traditionally centered with revolving designs around. At this point when I made it I was trying to be centered. I was starting to calm the negative energy that existed (the squiggly lines in the background and turn it into aligned energy ( illustrated by the chakras.) I was still trying to embrace the playfulness with those turquoise objects (#Shopkin bags that my young daughter loved and symbolized for me.) Artists are allowed to break the rules when they know it and I did because I didn't quite feel centered like the mandala.

This piece was created intuitively without thinking. I love to see what emerges after to understand what I'm going through.

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