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I, one, 1

I often ask myself what am I doing?  I taught for 18 years in the schools and now I'm working from home. How am I impacting people now? Yes I'm teaching from home, but it's only three to five people per month, every week. Is that the familiar impact that I'm used to or that I want to have? I used to have 300 to 600 students daily, talk about impact. Now things are quite different. I want to be here for my children, I want to be here for them, in a different way. Of course I was there for them when I worked full-time, but something's telling me to be home, work from home. I know that I work with one individual at a time but they're more than one. The idea of a rippling effect, is very present in my mind. I affect one, then they affect numbers that I have no understanding of small or big. I'm at peace with this, for this moment in time. In the future I will be working with many more students local, national, and global. For now I'm hyperlocal and learning a lot!

Cheers to the stages and phases of life, the open and closing doors of possibility on this joyous ride we call life.

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