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In the Studio (my garage)

I have always dreamed of having a teaching studio in my home. The vision seeded itself in college. When I saw the teacher's #studio in her garage, my soul lit up. I wanted this, as I mentioned in my post a week ago.⠀ What's funny, I was creating this post to speak about my beautiful student Rachel. I realize now, that we were working in my garage!!⠀ What's so special about a #garage? For me it's that raw space where you could let go of any expectation and make a mess. This is the #experience Rachel had. She created a beautiful portrait and stepped out of her #comfortzone. She used decorative paper (which seemed so bizarre for both of us giving her permission to just experiment) It was also much larger in scale than she was used to and she used permanent india ink for the first time. She was so proud of her work. ⠀ Most of the time we work inside the studio; the garage was the perfect space, to step outside the box! ⠀⠀⠀ #teaching from #home came at the perfect timing. I am now a working artist, #mentoring students, and #inspire the community.

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