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Marks 4 Their Lives

I’m writing to familiarize you with #Marks4Lives, a global art initiative that honors every child lost to the Holocaust while also celebrating our oneness & individualism.

I've created a Gofundme

Our goal for #Marks4Lives is to amass 1.5 million marks (lines) to be compiled into a unified exhibition symbolic of the years we've lived while simultaneously remembering every child lost. We are currently up to 13,760 marks.

Worldwide, people are creating individual pieces through their 'marks' that will be combined into a community quilt; which will then be part of a larger art exhibit planned for (TBD).  

Each mark represents one year in the artist's life. If the artist is 18 years old, 18 marks will be made; if the artist is 40, 40 marks will be made. These are more than marks, they are stories. When we reflect in artful meditation, images and memories emerge. It is my personal belief that it is within the negative spaces, the gaps, and the in-betweens, where we give, breathe, and leave room for each other to coexist in peace. We are 'I' (one). The goal is to inspire citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity.

This project is open to everyone and is designed to be a short yet mindful remembrance to those lost and those still living.

I've been a teaching artist for 18 years and am currently sharing this message with educational departments, individuals, and organizations worldwide. 

We invite you to learn more, participate, share, and donate to this project. Links in profile.

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