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Marks 4 Their Lives: CTA

I invite you to make a mark for each year of your life, to celebrate your existence, your uniqueness, and honor the 1.5 million children whose lives were taken in the Holocaust. We all have the child within us, the one that wants to be recognized and not forgotten.

If you are 12, 12 marks 40,40 marks. You may chose to do that number over and over, repeatedly. As you make each mark reflect on your life year by year:-) How are going to make a mark on the world?

At the bottom or back please put (your name/anonymous, your age, and total lines)

Then mail your small sketch or project any size or material to me.

Together we can make a difference.

Celebrate our similarities and differences. Learn more #marksfortheirlives

There are two ways to get the marks for their lives project to me. Ideally you mail it across the sea!! I will be creating a large artwork with all the pieces sewn together. That is the idea, or you email it and I may print it out. but mail is sooooo special.

. Wonderful project Lori ❤️

What a wonderful project Lori🙏🏻

fatima.ribeiru I will, baby 🙏

lucentsoul So special...I would be honored 🙏

@loriarbelart this is a meaningful way to commemorate this day. I visited Majdanek, Lublin in 2016. It was heartbreaking.

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