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Out of Control

"Out of Control," from the 2016 Intuitive Collage series, illustrates a difficult teaching year. Although I was shamefully treated by head staff, the whole year, I chose to stay. I wanted to see my senior students graduate; whom I grew with for 6 years. Sometimes we endure hardships knowing there is still sweetness. I do not regret staying to teach for that year. Magic still happened within the storm. I always try to find the positive. I was 36 (double chai, good luck in hebrew,) they were 18 (chai.) We both flew after graduation, and are continuing to fly in our individual endeavors. We spread peace and continue to make our world a better place, one person at a time. I wish that peers, professional and young, treat each other respectfully. To remember, but to use memories like these for positive change. This series honors my inner psyche while trying to clear negativity, anger, and hurt using an intuitive approach (listening to inner guidance not head based) Art making is a beautiful and safe outlet to embrace when one is going through hard situations. In my search for help, I went online and found the teachings of Shelley Klammer. I was reintroduced to this helpful art technique. #bullying #hardship #bekind #respect #coworkers #release #outlet #collage #positivemindset #peers #hurt #anger #mentalhealth #mentalhealtheducation #healing #artandhealing #help #thescream #remember

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