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Passion in Life is Truth & Love

Ready to love yourself more? Tune and discover new ways to increase your love after you heal your heart more.

Join Relationship coach, Rochelle this Tuesday July 14th 10:30am EST Live on Facebook or join the live studio audience by Zoom.

Meet Lori Arbel, an artist and healer.

Lori Arbel is a Florida state-certified teacher, healer, and creativity coach guiding young adults through personal journeys of self-discovery and, often, discovery of their own creative talents.

Later in life, Lori discovered that artistic expression could be a tool to heal. In college, she used art to work through the anger and pain of her Mom's death. Later on, after the difficult birth of her daughter, she used art to sort through the emotional challenges and creative shutdown that followed. It was then that she was affected most profoundly by its power to heal. And it was then that she started teaching others how art could be used for healing in stressful situations. And how it can actually promote inner happiness and well-being.

Her law of love is Passion in Life is Truth and Love.

Interesting facts about today's guest:

* Prolific artist since childhood

* Circumnavigated the world, by ship

* Masters in Art Education

* Professional Artist & Teacher for 18 years

* Mother of 2

Get a hold of Lori by visiting:

Instagram @loriarbelart


Be sure to find Coach Rochelle by following at Relationship Coach Rochelle Schwartz facebook page and visiting at:

Call today for a free phone consult: 954-464-7017

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