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The Art’s Not an Afterthought

I've been connected to the idea, the potential of arts in medicine, dating back 20 years ago. I volunteered with UF's Shands Arts in Medicine program where I understood the power of art to heal and offer support during hard times, a universal concept. Coincidentally, the article ‘The Art’s Not an Afterthought’: A Visit With Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Curator Jay Davis by John Chiaverina just fell in my lap.

I've been thinking a lot about my purpose in life and how there's been a shift in my method of sharing. I was a traditional art school teacher for 17 years. I was quite mindful of the strong connections created between the student and myself specifically the ones who needed a little extra from me, reminding them of their inner light. It's become clearer and clearer that my strength was in this area. Yes I use art as a medium, but its more about the creative energy within all of us that makes us feel alive, important, special, and loved.

This article really hits home. I'm reminded daily of universal mental health issues that exist in my neighborhood and at large. It's not just the victim, it's the friends and loved ones offering support that also need support.

I love that Artist and curator Jay Davis took his gifts and has channeled them into something larger than self, that of serving others in a non traditional gallery setting. “A lot of offices you go into, they’ll have a TV in the corner with CNN or Fox playing, and you’re just being reminded of everything not great going on in the world,” Davis said I just love his alternative curation!

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