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The Man on the Moon

The inspiration for "The Man on the Moon," takes me back to Brooklyn. I remember the moment, like yesterday, perched up on the staircase, headed down, off the above ground station. I created a photo story titled "Along the Streets of Borough Park." While in this religious Jewish community, I met Leah who invited me for Shabbat, her children, and others like the gentleman who was going to make aliyah to Israel. Please follow the link to my site to see all the images. Originally shot on color film this series was printed in black and white, to suggest a sense of timelessness. One of these days, I will display them as a diptych, in color, next to the black and white images. It seems like the "Man on the Moon" image is at the onset of a new series/ tangent that is emerging. This work being a digital montage on top of an original 8x 10" work. Can you see a change? It's even fun to see the connection between my recent artworks and this bw photo, shot over 20 years ago. Black and white, angles, & parallel lines.

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