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When it Feels Scary to Jump

It's that recurring story, like the recurring truth, that played out a few years ago.

I often share the memory of me front and center speaking to my art students. We were in "The Studio," as we lovingly called it. Standing in the same spot, talking to dedicated artists, while prior high school students would visit me, on break from college. And I remember this image so clearly wearing the same sweater, I still have it. Teaching and thinking, "gosh they are flying, I want to fly and I'm here doing the same thing." I share this story quiet often, it’s been imprinted on my mind...can I remove it or move past it? I'm sure it places a block on something, and my sweater years later I still have it. Why do I keep it?

I was in Sedona a few months ago and of course this story came forward in my mind. I sat with it. Perhaps it's comfortable safe, the sweater, the job. I had little kids at home I needed, well wanted work, to escape, have something personal away from motherhood.

I stayed at the school for 2 years past that ground-hog moment. I didn’t get the same high I was used to, though I did still create magic (I always put 120%.) I didn’t leave. I didn't listen to the words in the image share above or that feeling in my soul. I really wanted to fly!

I was thankfully pushed into a corner at the school by two folks, they gave me the courage to say, I don't want to be offered a position to come back. Remember the law of attraction always works, though timing is vague!

I reflect years later, it took that long to heal the ordeal I created in my mind of course;-)...because I didn't take jump!

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