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Breathe deeply for 3 minutes & be grateful for every breath.

With each breath I feel most alive.

I set my timer and it felt that within seconds the timer was up. Enjoying every breath mindfully took me on an amazing journey back in time. With each breath I flashed to another moment. Every time I do something big I take a deep breath! I was able to feel that initial moment like a slideshow in my mind. The moment I was about to run around my childhood driveway, the hill like a roller coaster, the moment I was about to jump off a rock into the water, the step before walking on stage, in front of a crowd, before entering a show. All those moments were huge! small! lifelong impressions on my soul, who I am. Cheers to every conscious deep breath! It means you are about to do something very exciting, even if scary, but fabulous for your life story, my life story! Cheers to the soft cool air that comes in through our nose and the warm air that comes out. To each moment and breath. I want more!

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